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Without Prejudice comes to us from the eclectic and creative corner of North West London where two brothers with a passion for fashion and a long family history in fashion marketing wanted to create something unique. WP is among one of the greats brands we carry that offers a wide range of styles fit for any occasion. We’ve got a variety of daytime sportcoats all the way up to a classic black tuxedo.

We recognize that there is a growing trend among men to look for “transitional” items, ones that can take you from one occasion to the next. But, let’s not abuse that privilege. The real sign of a gentlemen lies is in his ability to diversify his wardrobe to match the occasion at hand.  With the vast array of styles and fashion now available for men, there is no reason why you should be wearing your office suit jacket as a sportcoat for a night out. Here are some great examples of how you can work WP in to your wardrobe to achieve distinct looks based on your function.

Without Prejudice 2 Button Pick Stich Half Lined Jacket: $595
Gotstyle Small Check Shirt: $165
Dion Camo Silk Tie: $110
Dion Pocket Square 3-Pack: $20
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Without Prejudice 2 Button Pick Stick Jacket: $595
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PRPS Fury Rinse Woven Denim Jean: $248 Shop Now

Without Prejudice Check Notch Lapel Suit: $895
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Without Prejudice Silk Tie: $110
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From Winnipeg to Fredericton (ironically where Melissa is from!), Hank, Ben Mulroney’s pocket square line, has been the buzz across the country. With the help of popular neckwear company Braemore, these pocket squares are the talk of the town – not just by the popularity of its designer, but by its colourful artwork designs.

From the National Post:
He’s not a full-on designer yet, but Ben Mulroney is going to develop a line of, wait for it, pocket squares! He’s partnering with Canadian tie-makers Braemore Neckwear to do it, but why? Well, according to the press release, Mulroney says “most men don’t take advantage of the best way to distinguish themselves: a breast pocket square.” And he seems to mean it—we looked through photos of the eTalk host over the years (see our slide show of Ben’s 10 Best Pocket Square Moments) and could only find two instances of him in a suit sans pocket square, and that was back in 2003 and 2006. But then, we also found a photo of him wearing this. In Toronto, the line will be carried at Holt Renfrew, Gotstyle and Ted’s Style Shoppe.

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Ben Mulroney, who regularly appears on eTalk in clothing from Gotstyle, did a segment on his pocket square line, Hank. Last Wednesday on eTalk, he did a segment featuring Braemore, the neckwear company that manufactures Hank, and demonstrated numerous ways to wear a pocket square.

You can watch the episode online here and skip to 1:29.

Art deco inspired Hank pocket squares are available at Gotstyle for $55 each!