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Irvin Randle, an Older Gentleman Is Dubbed Mr Steal Your Grandma on Instagram Sure, there is a new thing trending every day on Instagram and Twitter but this one we could not avoid. Photographs of a 54-year-old gentleman in stylish outfits circulated around Facebook and Twitter as people asked: “Whose grandpa is this?” He even… [Read More]

Some prom trends never die.. 1. The kid with the hat 2. Over-staged engagement style prom photos     3. The very strict deux-chromatic colour palate… match or be banished to the unpopular table   …wait is she wearing square toes? 4. The SATIN vest that comes in every colour … Every, Fucking, Colour. 5. The… [Read More]

Cam Newton makes headlines for losing, but we think he won. As a woman who splits 50/50 of my time between men’s and women’s style blogs, I notice a difference. Aside from a lack of Kardashian drama, I see that men don’t step out so much. It’s true the last few years we’ve had a “resurgence of menswear.”… [Read More]

What are Hybrid Blazers and How To Wear Them Tis the season for Hybrid Blazers! WTF is a Hybrid Blazer you ask? As most of you Canadian readers will know, our weather is all over the damn place. You need to have a few jackets in rotation to be prepared. Enter The Hybrid Blazer. This jacket is there for you when you feel… [Read More]


We’re back at it again- giving you a behind the scenes look at our SS’16 buying season in New York city! Now if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat you would’ve seen tons of #BTS action from our trip- if you didn’t, well that’s what this blog post is for. To add context to some… [Read More]


On Monday May 5, the social elite of the world descended upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the annual edition of the Met Gala, otherwise known as Anna Wintour’s party. The event which raised more than $12 million last year returned stronger than ever. This years theme was inspired by their feature exhibit “China: Through The Looking Glass” a reflection on Chinese… [Read More]