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The V-Neck sweater. Once a staple of men’s fashion left to die in the back of your closet only to be brought out again for awkward family dinners.

Well, they’re back baby! …with a twist. The twist, as with any trend re-introduction always makes or breaks the piece. In this case, the “v” should be more angular. Think sharp point rather than the shallow v that is synonymous with the old v-neck sweaters you do have.

How To Rock Dis

1. Paired With A Polo

This style move has a vintage feel that will shake up your work wardrobe.


v neck sweater and polo

Step 1: Pick a colour combination that you like. You can also pair with a printed polo. When matching choose a colour that is somewhere in the polo to your sweater. A classic colour combination is blue and brown. Sean Connery (pictured above) with another classic pairing grey and brown.

How good would this be with a slim trim navy trouser to pair with it?

2. Under a jacket

Nothing new here! Just avoid bulk at all cost. Pair with a jersey blazer or something unconstructed or unlined.


Outfit details: Hardy Amies – Wool Flannel Blazer w Patch Pockets $695, Van Gils – Barlow Contrast V-Neck Sweater $145Nudie Jeans – Lean Dean Dry Slow Dark Denim $199, Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160, Gotstyle – Sleek Chelsea Leather Boot $295

3. Slightly Oversized

If the idea of wearing a v-neck makes you cringe, because you’re too cool for that shit. Grab an oversized v-neck. The bagginess will look more relaxed and less preppy-9-to-5-guy.

Like we said before, look for angular v-necks.

Take your oversized sweater to the next level by distressing it. This works best with wool or cashmere. Doing a quick google search on distressing will help but you’ll need a plastic brush, knife, or lighter.

It will look worn and vintage A.K.A. expensive AF. 


Outfit details: Gotstyle Launch – Merino Wool Blend V-Neck $125, Buckson Slacks – Classic Buck $220

4. Solo… with chinos and high tops

Consider this your next travel outfit. Avoid scratchy fabrics so you don’t need to layer a t-shirt underneath. We like the monochromatic pairing Ryan Reynolds did here (below) with the two different hues of blue.

If you enjoy comfort during travel get a chino with a lot of stretch. And if you’re travelling for work easily sling your travel blazer by your side.

Solo… with chinos and high tops Consider this your next travel outfit. Avoid scratchy fabrics so you don’t need to layer a t-shirt underneath. We like the monochromatic pairing here with two different hues of blue. It unifies the outfit and makes it less office wardrobe. For travel get a chino with a lot of stretch. The sweater will balance out the casual high top pairing. Feature Blue Industry Chino Feature Garment Project High top

Get This Look: Blue Industry ChinoGarment Project High top / Monte & Coe Duffel Bag

5. Keep it classy- under a suit

Going to a social event or work party? Skip the dress shirt and wear a v-neck instead.


Outfit details: Van Gils – Barlow Contrast V-Neck Sweater $145Anderson’s – Pebbled Leather Belt $160, Tiger of Sweden – Atwood Jacquard Suit $999

You can consider it a basic again. Now with multiple ways to style the V-Neck in your arsenal, this might just be the next best piece to invest in right now.  Follow us on Instagram: @shopgotstyle. For online style help, chat with us. 

John Varvatos 2017 collection is now available at Gotstyle online and in store.

This collection is always known for their Rock and Roll and vintage vibe all in one. Although their models are skinny and young this is a brand coveted by average sized celebrities (John Legend, Wayne Gretzky, Nick Jonas) and by our 35+ big and tall guys the most.

Our Favourite Pieces are the Vintage Band Tee’s and this Military Patch Work Jacket.



This John Varvatos Camo Leopard Print hoodie is a close second.

camo leopard print


Learn how to rock the John Varvatos Collection by following Gotstyle on instagram @shopgotstyle or chat with a stylist.

Finding Your Groomsmen Suits Ain’t Easy

Although our suits start at $495 and average around the $800 mark. Asking your groomsmen to drop $800 suit for your wedding day is (honestly) dreaded by most of your friends.

As a groom, you want to make everyone happy, keep costs low but still have a great looking bunch of groomsmen. To remedy this we developed the grads and grooms suit program.

In this package, there are 17 fabrics to choose from (eight sampled below).


Gotstyle Grads & Grooms Swatch Book

mens suits

Gotstyle Grads and Grooms 4 Colours


Gotstyle Grads and Grooms 4 Colours

About The Suit

A single-breasted, slim fitting suit sized from 34 to 44T with a 7inch drop. (Suits have a drop” this is the difference between the jacket size and your pant size).

It is a two buttoned jacket with a notch lapel, two vents, and slanted pockets. 

Key benefits: Stretch fabrication armhole that provides extra movement across the arms and chest. 

What Fabric Swatches And Colours Are Available?

There are 17 colour options available to order. A product swatch book is available for you to decide on colour and fabric.


  • Eight solid colours (navy, true blue, light blue, mid grey, light grey, burgundy, black, pink)
  • Two birds-eye fabrics (blue, blue)
  • Four windowpane fabrics (blue/white, navy/blue, burgundy/white,grey/white).
  • Tonal Floral (blue/black, black/black)
  • Texture grey

How Does The G&G Groomsmen Suits Program Work? 

You’re welcome to come in with your group or send them in one by one. Your grooms will try on our sample jackets to determine size. Then, we take your deposit ($100) and the suits arrive between the next  5-7 business days. 

What If I Need Alterations?

Alterations can be done in house by our tailors and are included in the price.

How Much Does It Cost?

We’ve competitively priced these suits at $395.00. A bit more than a rental but the suit is yours to keep!

Find out more about this Grads & Grooms program or for help planning your wedding or graduation outfit send us a message on Live Chat.

Are you a Groom looking for something special? Custom suiting is now available for men and women.


men's closet clean up service feature image

Gotstyle’s men’s closet clean up service to the rescue…

Find yourself staring at a closet full of clothes but still reach for the same five pieces every week? Wouldn’t you like to have an organized closet that makes getting ready a breeze?

You invest in your clothes so make the most of it with Gotstyle’s new men’s closet clean up service. One of our many ways to improve your life.

How does it work?

Our detail oriented menswear stylist and closet maven, Tia Katz, will come to your home and go through every clothing item you own. Everything will be sorted into 3 piles: yes, maybe and no.

You keep the yes, make alterations to the maybe and donate the no pile. Simple. Once that’s done, Tia will work with you to put together looks with what’s left. That way you’re inspired and have fresh ideas of what to wear.

This will streamline your closet and when she’s finished, she will have a recommended list of items you should add to optimize what you already own.

The service is $100 for 2 hours plus you get a gift card for $75.

Get Started

It’s easy: email her at, set up a quick one on one meeting at the store and then book a time for her to come and make your life better (trust me an organized closet is an organized mind!).


Quick Closet Clean Up Tips

  • Be honest with yourself: Do you still wear it? Does it fit?
  • Keep your sentimental items down to a manageable amount.
  • Have someone with you at the appointment to give you a second opinion.

Here are some #ClosetGoals to get you inspired

men's closet clean up inspo

Photo: ClosetMaid


Photo: California Closets

Photo: California Closets


Pitti Uomo street style might be the best thing to see in Milan this time of year.

Pitti is the center of Milan fashion week. Find guys dressed in bold suits, brightly coloured overcoats, brightly coloured shoes and accessories. It might be the coolest place to be photographed in the world.

Our King West stylist Matt went to see our friends in Florence. It’s like an Instagram #ootd heaven which one is your favorite?

Scarves were an effortless way to keep warm.



Sitting on this wall almost guarantees you get snapped.

pitti-uomo-style-2017-4   pitti-uomo-style-2017-6

Yes– some guys really go all out

pitti-uomo-style-2017-7 pitti-uomo-style-2017-8

Laid back looks


Finally caught a little streetwear style


pitti-uomo-style-2017-16 pitti-uomo-style-2017-11 pitti-uomo-style-2017-12


Classicly simple

pitti-uomo-style-2017-14 pitti-uomo-style-2017-15

pitti-uomo-style-2017-17 pitti-uomo-style-2017-18 pitti-uomo-style-2017-19 pitti-uomo-style-2017-20 pitti-uomo-style-2017-21 pitti-uomo-style-2017-22 pitti-uomo-style-2017-23 pitti-uomo-style-2017-24

Bold looks


Bright Colours

pitti-uomo-style-2017-26 pitti-uomo-style-2017-27


Exaggerated silhouettes  pitti-uomo-style-2017-29

pitti-uomo-style-2017-30 pitti-uomo-style-2017-31 pitti-uomo-style-2017-32    pitti-uomo-style-2017-35 pitti-uomo-style-2017-36   pitti-uomo-style-2017-38 pitti-uomo-style-2017-39    pitti-uomo-style-2017-42 pitti-uomo-style-2017-43


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